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Bo 5783 ~ January 27, 2023

the 9th day

today is International Holocaust Memorial Day.

it is a day to pause and reflect and ask:

how does our world relate to the Shoah

in a world where survivors are almost no longer

where misinformation thrives

where hatred abounds

where anti-Semitism is considered normal

where its definition is being redefined

when others do not understand

and only sense their own needs

where the darkness of the 9th plague

is a different lack of sight today

than it was during the time of the Exodus

as we read in our Torah reading for this Shabbat.


As Jews we are committed to not only our own past.

Our history as ancient as the story of the Pharaoh

Reminds us,

Teaches us,

And inspires us

That a day of redemption can happen

Not only for us,

Not only for those who face

the Tragedy of Hatred, Bigotry, Racism and Bias…

But for our humanity.

It can happen…

It must happen…

If not now, then when…

Shabbat shalom.

Rabbi K

Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783