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Exploring Judaism (Conversion)

Some people are born into the Jewish tradition, others gravitate towards it over time.

If you are interested in exploring what Judaism holds for you, we would like to speak with you.  Our members have been drawn to Jewish community through a variety of paths, and we are welcoming of all who come through our doors with sincere curiousity and respect for our tradition, beliefs and culture.

Rabbi Kideckel runs an annual series of classes (typically in the Spring) for individuals wishing to deepen their understanding of Judaism and/or their involvement in Jewish life.   The classes are open both to individuals who are already members of the Jewish community as well as those wishing to explore Jewish culture, teachings and practice with or without the intention of converting.

Please contact the Beth El office to find out when the next set of classes is scheduled to start.




Thu, April 25 2024 17 Nisan 5784